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Sure, here are some edge cases to consider:

1. Leap year birthdays: How does the function handle individuals born on February 29th during a leap year? Some horoscope systems may treat them as having their birthday on February 28th or March 1st in non-leap years.

2. Time zone considerations: If the birthdate input doesn't include a time zone, how does the function handle cases where the local date might be different from the date in the person's birth location due to time zone differences, especially around midnight?

3. Crossing the International Date Line: What happens if someone is born close to or on the International Date Line, where the date changes abruptly? How does the function handle such cases?

4. Historical calendar changes: How does the function handle birthdates of individuals born before the adoption of the Gregorian calendar (such as in countries that shifted from the Julian calendar) or in regions where calendar changes have occurred?

5. Birthdate on the boundary: What if the birthdate falls exactly on the cusp between two zodiac signs? Some horoscope systems might assign them to one sign while others might consider them as having characteristics of both signs.

6. Data validation: How does the function handle invalid or ambiguous birthdate inputs, such as dates that don't exist on the calendar (e.g., February 30th) or incorrect formats?

7. Extreme birth years: Consider edge cases like very early or very late birth years, such as individuals born in extremely distant past or future years, and how the function handles them.

8. Out-of-range dates: How does the function handle dates outside the expected human lifespan, such as extremely old or future dates that are beyond reasonable bounds?

9. Unknown birth year: How does the function handle cases where only the birth month and day are known, but the year is missing or unknown?

10. Twins or multiple births: How does the function handle situations where multiple individuals share the same birthdate and might want to receive different horoscopes?

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