Vay tiền Doctor Đồng không trả có làm sao không?

- In the depths of the ocean, Sharky patrols with his trusty toothbrush in fin, his mission clear: to promote dental hygiene among sea creatures.

- With a gleam in his eye and a swish of his tail, he zips through the coral reefs, seeking out those in need of his unique brand of dental care.

- When he spots a school of fish with neglected teeth, Sharky swoops in, offering them brushing tips and demonstrating proper technique with his own razor-sharp teeth.

- Under his guidance, the fish learn the importance of keeping their pearly whites clean, and soon, the ocean is filled with sparkling smiles.

- With a job well done, Sharky bids farewell to his aquatic friends, knowing that he'll always be there to defend dental health beneath the waves.

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